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Mallory and Dayna

We are a mother-daughter team and are extremely excited to have been blessed enough to turn our dream of running a venue into the real thing! We only hope that you have as much fun here as we do setting up and dreaming alongside you!

We are having so much fun!


Making Dreams Come True

I have fallen in love with weddings and watching couples complete the beginning of their marriage journey! From initial excitement to final breath of relief, I am here for it all and find so much joy and value in owning and operating my own venue! I get to live out my dream while you get live yours!!

Mallory Groth


Need a little day of coordinating? 

I can help!

Life in the Garden

I have worked in gardens since I was little and find they represent so much of life in a garden.  Woodland Gardens has spaces that flow and blend and change, just like life! 
Owning and operating an event venue is one of my life goals. Taking this venture on with my daughter is extraordinary! Being able to share this place with a couple on their wedding day or with anyone celebrating a life event in the backdrop of a garden that has echoed the beauty of life, is a blessing.

I look forward to you enjoying Woodland Gardens!

Dayna Jessen-Rogers


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